Friday, March 16, 2012

Apologies due

Apologies due to everyone for us not blogging properly this month.  March started, came and is half way thru and we have been literally swamped.  Vanessa, in a complete surprise, ended up moving with only one month's notice to prepare.  They have been living in a home that was much smaller than they wanted with 4 growing girls and had been looking for a while with no luck.  And, happiness to her...she got into her house!!!  Much to my consternation, between the packing and the no internet, I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I usually do.  It's quite boring not being able to work together like we normally do.  And of course, since we're used to working in tandem, it was a bit overwhelming to keep it all going by myself!!!  So, this month,  I was myself kept busy in real life with some "translations" work.  I review English translated by Danes and then fix the sound and grammer into American English, or I write copy as needed.  This time, it had to be "translated" from British English to American English, and then to Canadian English.  JOYS!!!  Not a whole lot of work but trying to keep the different grammer straight was mind numbing!!!

So, this week, be sure to check out the retiring products section at the Digichick, you'll save a ton if you purchase here before they are completely retired all together!!!  Only thru the 18th so hurry!!!

I'm gonna work backwards and show you what's been going on.  This month, we're guesting at Digiridoo.  We were invited by Marianna who used to be on the CT of the DigiChick and of course we couldn't say no.  
Here are the kits we have there:

Ureshii means happy and if you're a fan of Asian kits, this one is perfect for spring.  This will work also for adoption and travel memories!  Look at the lovely layouts done by our CT and the shop CT:

We brought back a couple of kits that we absolutely adore.  Snap and Scrap was apparently a store that Vanessa and a few of the ladies at Digiridoo have fond memories of.  So, we could absolutely had to put our Snap and Scrap kit out:

This week, we are putting out our Vagabond kit.  We both love the colors and the "bling" in this kit.  So much fun to play with.

At the DigiChick, we have two new kits for you.

Bollywood Dreams is a fantasy.  I love the look of Indian textiles and papers.  I love the taste of Indian food.  I hope someday to be able to travel there to see for myself.

This may be an exact representation, but it's our idea of the exotic culture.  Here is what our team did with it:

And we released Blue at the beginning of the month.  It's all about those times in your life when you are sad and not quite right.

This kit is versatile in that it works for art journaling as well as regular scrapping.  And what better way to get your emotions out but in doing a layout?  Here is what our team did:

Tha layouts are varied and as individual as the scrapper.  I want to note also the spectacular photographer and artist Adro N. von Crow at Adrofolio.  She kindly allowed me the use of her mirror photo which I extracted and manipulated.  Her images are amazing!!!

Whew, that was a lot of information!!!  Anyway, have a great time scrapping this week!!

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