Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snapshots at Scrapbookgraphics

Snapshots is all about digital time capsules.  This is something that we (both of us) are very aware of as the reason why we started scrapbooking in the first place was a way to preserve our memories for our children.  Check out Snapshots 2012 at SBG HERE.

This week is Snapshots #8 where fashion and style trends is the topic.  It's where you can put your own memories of fashion down or maybe its the current styles. Journal and layout your own version of this time capsule.  To help out, scroll down and find a coupon for $3 for our store!

We have more of our "vintage" ViVa products in the store now.  We've changed the bundle for Vogue to include a NEW clusters pack that was NOT in the old pack...

And get ready for tomorrow, we have a NEW kit from our ART SERIES coming up...shhh....MONET!

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