Monday, June 18, 2012

Post Chat Wrap Up

We had a lovely chat last week with the topic being about dreams and we spoke about our old dreams and new dreams.  If you take a look at this thread at the SBG forum, you can see some inspiration about dreams.  In this SBG blog post, you can read more about giving your DREAMS WINGS TO FLY.

As per our usual, we had a participation prize which is now available at the store.  And, we offered two winners a bundle each of ViVa product.  All they had to do was create a page and present it in the same thread.  Flowersgal and mskowbo were randomly selected and are now enjoying their bundles!!!  It's easy peasy to join in.

Don't forget to take a look here for a new Snapshot:  Comfort Food!!!  And in a few weeks, we'll be doing another chat!!!

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