Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chat, Fairy Tale Collection and more!

We will have our bi-monthly chat tonight, Wednesday, 8 August at 9 pm (eastern) and tonight, it's all about Friendships.  Our chat follow the Snapshots at SBG.  We'll chat in the SBG chatroom HERE.

Did you see us at DST?  We are this month's Gold Member kit designer and you can see our interview HERE.

Yeah, it's a bit different, the kit.  We wanted to be something unusual and maybe you want to try it out?  

And, here is a collab MIX we did with some of the ladies at SBG.  Oh, my, it was fun!!!  And it went together so effortlessly!  Studios Miki, Rosey Posey, Manu, Christina and ViVa did Enduring Grace:

with lots of b-sides:

and our newest collection, from a swatch that Andrea (Lifescapes Templates) challenged us with:

I'll post all the inspiration pages tomorrow!!!  Otherwise today's post will be SUPER LONG!!! 

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sbpoet said...

So sorry to miss the chat – big storm here w/power outages.