Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Snaps and Scraps

Love your digital obsession?  Here is a kit geared with scrapbooking in mind and you can use it with both paper and digital as well as with a touch of photography.  It's a monster of a kit with over 66 elements, 10 papers, 5 brushes, 8 wordart, and 3 masks!!!

We also added in this wordart/brush pack.  It was the free gift for joining us at our Snapshots Scrap and Chat.  Every other week we get together for a chat on the Snapshots topic of the week.  There's inspiration, talk, free gift, and a challenge with one really amazing prize.  The challenge is open to all!

CONGRATULATIONS go to Joanne (grrfludy) for winning this week's prize of a $20 shopping spree in our store!

Here are some layouts our team created with Snaps & Scraps:

You'll love all the wordart and brush/image packs.  It adds a lot of interest.  There are three masks included as well as over 60 unique elements including a CLEAR lightbulb!!!  So, if you wanted to try out a variety of techniques, this kit is perfect for you.  AND, be on the lookout next week for an awesome new mega release as well!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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